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Business Model

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The primary revenue model we will be employing is the subscription model, which will allow our software to be downloaded onto three separate systems. We will be offering two licensing options, basic & premium. All options will include complementary training and setup assistance. The premium option additionally covers engineering services throughout the duration of the subscription year including component integration, and VR repairs/exchanges.There will also be hardware packages that can be purchased alongside the program that will allow for seamless integration of the VR components.

As a software based company, our cost of production will be quite low. Our costs include labor costs, computers & equipment for development and a subscription to Amazon’s cloud computing platform for storage of our data. We plan to keep a 50% profit margin per subscription, hardware sale, and engineering consultation. We plan to maintain a constant cash flow which will be used to further develop the next generation of the software system.

The following healthcare institutions can greatly benefit from using VOXEL.


use VOXEL to help resolve discrepancies in patient data and improve the communication between medical professionals.


use VOXEL to improve the diagnoses of patient illnesses.

Medical Schools

use VOXEL as an educational tool to enable views of the human brain in a wide array of perspectives.

Commercialization Plan & IP Protection

VOXEL began as a senior design project with the Bioengine program, and within the scope of this project, decided to focus on neurological imaging for the purpose of assisting epilepsy resection surgeries. This having been achieved with VOXEL's first software version (V.1), VOXEL has expanded its CHOC IRB to cover other neurological malformations and lesions. VOXEL will then potentially expand to all the different organ systems, such as visualization of the heart and prostate. Ultimately, VOXEL has the potential to encompass all medical visualization of patient scans regardless of organ type, disease, or malformation. VOXEL's commercialization partners are currently pursuing IP protection on the group's behalf. Patents and/or copyrights are pending to protect the proprietary algorithms and Trade Secrets of the group. Until these IP protections are secured, much of VOXEL's specific details will not be disclosed to the public.

Funding Requirements

VOXEL plans to spend funding according to the following distribution.